Cabin Truck



Our catalytic and particulate filter cleaning machines are the first in terms of cleaning and operating properties in Spain and Europe.

The machine has been created from the special products used for the process. The products used for these cleanings react at 80ºc of temperature, which leads to a thorough cleaning of the catalyst or particle filter.

Our particle and catalyst filter is visible in a closed cabinet in the cabin machines, in order not to deteriorate the open work environment in which the cleaning must be done.

The cabin machine has a special ventilation system incorporated, through which water vapor is expelled from the process environment.


The operation of the machine consists of the flow of hot water mixed with special products, which come out under pressure through a hose that fits the mouth of the catalyst, leaving dirty water on the other side of the catalyst.

The water and liquids are heated in a basket that is inside our machine, reaching temperatures of 95ºC.

We know that it is at the ideal temperature when the temperature sensors mark us in the computer (if it is automatic), or in the control screen (if it is manual or semi-automatic) the degrees to which our water is, and then begins to inject water under pressure to the catalyst for an hour, and at the end it is totally clean, with an opening of 99.5% remaining practically as in its original state.

The use of this system allows the user to save by prolonging the life of the piece and overall contributes to reduce environmental impacts.

A system for measuring the air flow inlet and the back pressure can be incorporated before and after cleaning to check the state in which the filter enters the machine and where it exits.

All the metal parts used in our booth and other parts are from the 304 stainless steel industry, this material has been tested with quality marks. Therefore, quality also increases to the foreground.

Main characteristics

  • 175 cm length of particle filters and catalyst
  • 40-90 mm anchor diameter
  • Function of automatic adjustment of water flow of the electric valve
  • The adjustment line of the bar max.0-5 current power
  • Waste collection deposit
  • Tank and sensor system and water level control
  • Resistance Protection Sensor
  • 380 volts AC operation (220V optional)
  • 5-10 bar pressure


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